This is a question that always comes up within landscape teams, sometimes you have to show exact sizing for paving hatches. I have an Excel document I have used for years to create paving, please see attached: tile-hatch-creator-blog It is really easy to use and also has its own instructions in the file. When you […]

As some of you will be aware I attended Autodesk University, I met a great guy from HOK called David Baldacchino. We talk for ages about different subject within Revit and training, one subject that kept creeping up was coordinate systems. He explained that a few years back he did a class on Navigating Through […]

One of the challenges when moving to a BIM tool like Revit is concept of the model developing throughout the process and the graphical changes that will be made and not relying on solely 2D detailing. Whilst assisting a CAD technician who was transitioning to Revit, who was struggling to understand this development and how he would […]

I always see people having issues with this, I am in the process of creating a document on setting up shared coordinates on different sizes of projects. I have this process diagram  I use to explain how it should be done. Please leave comment if you think it could be improved or any suggestions.   […]

I presented at the Leaders in Landscape The BIG 5 Outdoor Show on 25th May 2016. My presentation was on the Benefits of Building information models in Landscape and the downstream of information. I thought I would post the presentation online for everyone to take a look at but not sure how good it is without […]

Hatch22 is a plugin I was introduced to no so long ago, before this I was editing .pat files from AutoCAD. I find this plugin really useful the only drawback being it is only free for Revit v2014 and they have not finished a version for 2016 yet. I am going to take you through some quick steps […]

I was walking around the other day and decided to take some photos of some of the construction that I see every day. Now looking at these photos it makes me despair, you see nothing that could not of been solved from better coordination and design decisions.

My BIM Brunch Interview from October 2015..

This is a list I share when I am doing training, please let me know if you have any other’s you think need adding and we can make it 100 Do’s & Don’ts (DO). LAUNCH REVIT AND BROWSE FILE ON SERVER DON’T). DOUBLE CLICK ON THE FILE ON SERVER (DO). CREATE LOCAL FILE FROM CENTRAL […]

Here is a article that I did for the BIM Crunch back in on the 27th April 2015